Storage Tips

  1. Use sturdy boxes when packing heavy or fragile items.  Pack them to the top for strength.
  2. Wrap dishes and glassware in bubble wrap or paper to provide cushioning in case of accidents.
  3. Label the general contents on your box including the room it came from or is going to – and label on all sides.
  4. Stack, Stack, Stack! Heavy items go on the floor, followed by lighter smaller items. To avoid scratching furniture when stacking, lay a towel or sheet between items.
  5. Be sure you can still lift boxes after filling them. You don’t want to make them too heavy to carry or unstable from the weight, about 50# limit.
  6. Avoid awkward shaped boxes. These are hard to move around and stack efficiently. The boxes sold at storage facilities are sized as to “nest” together, taking up less room.
  7. Leave space around the perimeter to aid ventilation. Do not lean items against walls. Leave a walkway to the rear of your space for easy access.  Use all of the available space, including the height and place frequently used goods near the door.